David Adkins


Author of:

Sons of Solistar: The Broken Chain

Sons of Solistar:The Dead Chain,

We Were Gods:The Three Oracles

Hotel Nowhere: Room 214

And the creator of the new comic and corresponding card game Bounty.


Bounty!! is a comic of four people who have the largest amounts of bounty on their heads and are not guilty of anything that would warrant it. It is a mix of action and comedy that is missing in many comics and is still an empowering comic for many who believe the world is against them, to let them know that they are never really alone in their fight.


This is not your average rags to riches story and has a novel that is being written with it to be a full record of what has happened to bring this world about.


It is with this in mind that he came up to parents and teachers with this idea that comics should be for kids, and not just adults or teens, and that a story, like most mangas, is for multiple ages as long as the story has a strong set of characters and plot writers to help push this into a realm that would compete with most other stories out there for a place in the spotlight.


Other than the artwork, the game is solid and mostly complete, with many people begging for their own copy of one of the four beginning decks, but as an individual without a warehouse, it is difficult to keep a high volume amount where people could easily purchase all the decks they would want, so we are having to build up a listing of places that would carry the game and also make tournament play available to those who would love to have some of the more rare cards.


David is also the guest speaker and panelist for conventions, libraries, and events for the past seven years, where he has built a large fan base, a book series, and a new graphic novel that is to be released soon.


As a North Carolina resident for many years, David has desired to see the animation studios to build in this area, but have not had the opportunity for that to happen, so he is currently trying to see about building one myself.


With being a graduate of college multiple times, in many different areas, along with managing 5 restaurants, owning two businesses, and now starting to write, his life is seen as anything but normal.


David is a crazy Irish on one hand and a stubborn Scotts on the other, so it is really hard to convince him that he can not do anything he puts his mind to.