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   Eastern Exotics is a Non-Profit organization eastern exotics mission is committed to saving species worldwide by bringing together expertise in conservation science along with animal care, your dedication, and our inspiring passion for Wildlife and nature. Our Wildlife Conservancy efforts along with educational training in Film, media, conventions and schools shall empower people from around the world to help us save species from extinction in a variety of different ways. In the end, we will lead the fight along with you against extinction. Our supporters from around the world and members play a vital and crucial role in our wildlife conservation efforts. We hope that by inspiring a passion for animals, wildlife, and nature that we can cause the scales to tip forward in helping all species whether endangered or not and in the end make the planet a healthier place for all generations to come.


Eastern Exotics is a growing as a Reptile, Bird, and Exotic Animal Rescue, Adoption Center. That has also taken over what used to be called Obelisk Gemstones in order to fund our animals' costs. What this means is beside Lizards, Snakes, Tortoises, Turtles, and other Exotic animals, we carry Raw and Cut Gemstones from Tanzanite, Rose Quartz and so much more. We are currently working on developing a center in Eastern North Carolina for the public, but until then you will be able to reach us through our website www.easternexotics.org.




We should be done updating it by the end of 2018. If you are having to relocate or just haven't the time anymore for your Reptiles, Birds or Exotic pets, or maybe you have come across an animal you don't know what to do with? Even if you need help getting an animal removed Eastern Exotics can help you out. We can take your animal in and help find it a home. We can work with you on a consignment if you are looking to sell, we can give it a new home. Eastern Exotics is Licensed through the city of Jacksonville, NC for Business and has gone through all required inspections. We can be contacted through here or on www.facebook.com/EasternEX or by searching Eastern Exotics Wildlife Foundation.




All our animals from the smallest mouse, to the biggest (18 1/2 ft) snake, Boas, Pythons, to our multiple Lizards, Rabbits, Tegus, Turtles, Tortoises, Geckos, Crocodiles and more are all taken care of and loved each day. Let us help you out. We also do birthday parties, corporate events, and educational events. Thank you all for your continued support. You can make an appointment to see or talk to us either through Facebook or Email - easternexotics.org@gmail.com.