RJ Marchese


   RJ Marchese is a self-published author and life-long comic book fan who is determined to take his love of that medium from reader to writer. He’s a married father of two who enjoys occasionally cosplaying as a mercenary unicorn and taking photographs of action figures doing ridiculous things. His current industry influences include but are not limited to Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chip Zdarsky, Rick Remender and Gail Simone. RJ, a New Jersey transplant to North Carolina, can generally be found loitering around comic book stores in the area or surrounded by stacks of comic back issues that seem to keep exponentially multiplying.


No, really.


They’re taking over……… help!


















                                         In the spirit of

                                          How the Grinch Stole Christmas,

                                          and The Night Before Christmas

                                          I give you The Night Before Krampus!







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