Southern Belle Ghostbusters


The Southern Belle Ghostbusters is a GB fan/cosplay team recreating the characters and atmosphere of the 3rd Ghostbusters film. An official Ghost Corps franchise, the team participates in community and charity activities such as movie premieres, parades, conventions, and fundraisers, and are the proud owners of the Ecto 0.5 Ectomobile conversion. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!












The Ecto 0.5 is a Ghostbusters research/reconnaissance vehicle and is among the franchise's first environmentally friendly investigative equipment. Addressing concerns expressed by Walter Peck of the Environmental Protection Agency towards New York's first Ghostbusters team in 1984, the 0.5 is designed to reduce any ecological impact associated with certain paranormal activities. Utilizing a 2015 Toyota Prius, the 0.5--in addition to standard ghost hunting equipment--comes outfitted with a weather-monitoring sensor array and its trademark hybrid drive system. At half the size (and half the carbon footprint) of standard Ectomobiles, the Ecto 0.5 serves as eco-friendly backup and support for all your paranormal elimination needs.